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The Care Navigation Program improves the lives of children and their families by making health care easy to use. CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE
Improving the Lives of Children and Families

Dealing with the health care system can be frustrating for families, especially if they have a child with a long-term, serious condition. For them, aligning care can be like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. That’s where Care Navigation comes in.

Care Navigation Program

The Care Navigation Program:

  • Makes sure all who are involved with the child have the information they need
  • Helps to fix current problems and prevents new ones from occurring
  • Lessens the burden on families related to the child’s health conditions
  • Helps families know the right questions to ask and understand the next steps to take
  • Gets medicine supplies and other items they need to be healthy

The Care Navigation Program helps your child be as healthy as possible by making it easier to get care. Care Navigation team members work with schools, insurance companies, community groups and the health care team to help the child get what he or she needs.

  • Children and families with complex medical problems or special health care needs
  • Families who have many people involved with their children’s health care. This includes specialists, homecare nurses and schools. It is also for those who come to the doctor’s office, emergency room or hospital a lot.
  • Your child will have a nurse or social worker just for him or her. This person can help share information and coordinate all those involved in your child’s care.
  • Quality outreach coordinators also work with the nurse or social worker for your child to help get things done.
  • Your care coordinator will use feedback from you and your child’s health care team to help you reach your goals for your child’s health.
    • Together, you and the Care Navigation staff will identify problems and solutions.
    • The coordinator will make sure everything is in place so you can reach the goals. This includes resources from your health insurer, doctor and community.
  •  Your care coordinator and quality outreach coordinator are here to help you and your child reach your goals.
    • You can contact them at any time with questions or concerns.
    • They may call you once a month.
    • They may meet with you in person every three months at an appointment, your home or another place you choose.
  •  After you meet your goals for your child’s health, you may set new goals or leave the program if you no longer need support.

If you think a child would benefit from Care Navigation services, you may place a referral via email at or by calling (855) 562-4735.

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