Drug Shortages During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Partners For Kids pharmacists have been tracking drugs coming on and off shortage due to manufacturing delays related to COVID-19, ingredient shortages and increased prescribing and utilization for newly diagnosed conditions.

While it is important for families to be prepared, it is equally important to not encourage hoarding of these items to inadvertently cause a medication shortage or backorder. When families request prescriptions, use your clinical judgment to determine necessity before automatically sending prescription. If a prescription you sent in the past has refills remaining, families will still be able to access those refills over the coming months. Please reassure families that filling and buying what is needed will allow enough to go around in the coming months. Local community pharmacies often use different wholesalers so your patient’s primary pharmacy may or may not have something in stock. You can recommend that your patients call other local pharmacies to check stock, including other chain or independent pharmacy locations.


As of this newsletter publication, sertraline tablets and liquid (generic Zoloft®) are on the FDA’s drug shortage list; however, many pharmacies are still able to obtain this medication.


Helpful websites:

FDA Drug Shortages

ASHP Drug Shortages


As always, please contact the Partners For Kids Pharmacy Team with any medication-related questions.

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