Christ Care Pediatrics Receives PFK’s “We Do The Right Thing” Award

Christ Care Pediatrics received the award “We Do The Right Thing” for their commitment to the values of acting with integrity and honesty and being collaborative, respectful, and inclusive of everyone. Christ Care Pediatrics began working with Partners For Kids on quality improvement (QI) projects in 2015 focusing on asthma and childhood immunizations. In January 2019, they continued to focus on best outcomes through a Healthy Children project and have since increased 3-6 year old well care compliance from 55.7% to 64.8% and their adolescent compliance from 46.4% to 51.6%. They have recently started working on a Fluoride Varnish QI project as well. In addition to this work, they’ve demonstrated a commitment to their patients by being open SEVEN days a week and going well beyond their office hours on a daily basis, despite only having 3 providers. They also regularly offer combination visits to ensure patients do not miss out on important well care visits. When COVID-19 hit, they immediately expanded telehealth and began to see sick patients in tents outside. Congratulations to the team at Christ Care Pediatrics and thank you for all the work that you do.

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