South Central / Southeast Region
May 26, 2021
New Partners For Kids Immunization Report

Drop-off in healthcare utilization due to the COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of childhood immunizations for our young patients. Across the entire Partners For Kids network, the total number of immunizations delivered to children ≤2 years old in January-November 2020 dropped by over 20,000 shots, nearly a 10% decrease, compared to the total administered in January-November 2019.

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, MMR vaccination rates for 16-month olds seen in their Primary Care Network dropped from 72% prior to the pandemic to 62% as of June to August 2020. Getting kids in who are overdue or near due for their vaccines should be a top priority for all of us.

How can I identify my patients who need vaccines?
• We have a new Immunization Report to help you do just that. This report provides the immunization history that we have on record for all children turning 2 years old in this calendar year.



• The top row of the report shows the recommended vaccines (and number of doses) that children should receive by their 2nd birthday.
• Each eligible child is listed underneath with information on the number of each vaccine they have received. If they have received all the recommended doses for that vaccine, they will have a green checkmark ( ) in that column.
• Eligible children are listed below sorted by total number of vaccines that they have on record. Consider reaching out to the kids at the top of the report first.

Can PFK help me outreach to patients?
• If you are working on a PFK quality improvement (QI) project, your QI specialist can help you with
using this report.
• PFK also has Outreach Coordinators who can assist with sending postcards or reminder notices to patients overdue for immunizations specifically.

More Questions?
• Contact the PFK Quality Improvement team at PFKQICoaching@NationwideChildrens.org


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