Ways Care Coordinator Can Assist Children with Behavioral Health Complexities:

  1. Support with connection to behavioral health outpatient services, including 3-way calls with the family and provider’s office, gathering details for what paperwork may be needed, and assistance with the intake process
  2. Preform outreach to discharge planners at inpatient psychiatric units prior to discharge to solidify the plan for outpatient services when the child returns home. It is Care Coordination goal to ensure that outpatient services are in place and the child has enough medications to get them to their first follow up appointment.
  3. Connect families with legal aid for assistance with legal concerns that may impact the child.
  4. Work with local Family and Children First Council for connection to more intensive therapy programming, as well as additional resources for funding.
  5. Collaborate with court diversion teams to develop safety and treatment plans. This also includes help with scheduling care conferences for all providers to meet and discuss the plan developed to ensure it meets the family’s needs.
  6. Assist families through the IEP processes. This can include drafting IEP evaluation request letters, scheduling the IEP evaluation appointments, obtaining a completed IEP evaluation for the child, and gathering the necessary clinical information needed by the school.
  7. Assist families with appointment scheduling, learning how to communicate with medical providers, and help ensure children are up to date on their preventative care.
  8. Schedule transportation through the managed care plan for families with transportation challenges and then teach the family how to do this independently.
  9. Attend appointments with providers as a support to the family and assist with explaining the family’s concerns about medications, recent symptoms/side effects, etc. Care Coordination uses this opportunity to confirm all parties are on the same page in regards to the goals for the child.

Published June 2021

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