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Since its founding in 1994, Partners For Kids has proven that it can provide high-quality care at a lower cost. Partners For Kids rewards physicians for preventing illness and for good health outcomes, not for large numbers of visits or procedures.

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News & Updates

Medicaid ID Numbers for Partners For Kids Credentialing Process
In order for the managed care plans to load providers under the Partners For Kids contract, each provider must have a valid Ohio Medicaid number.
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Care Coordination RN Open House
We are hiring care coordinators to join our team. Care coordinators are passionate about building relationships, removing barriers and solving problems.
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Partners For Kids Quality Improvement Program Changes Name
Based on Provider Survey results, the Practice Facilitation of Quality Improvement program has now become Quality Improvement Coaching.
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Nationwide Children’s 2nd Annual Early Childhood Wellness and Nutrition Symposium
Nationwide Children’s Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition invites you to the 2nd Early Childhood Wellness and Nutrition Symposium on April 18 at Nationwide Children’s Stecker Auditorium. 
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Save the Date: Coding Pearls Featuring Dr. Tuck
Save the date! The next Pediatric Coding Seminar featuring Dr. Richard Tuck takes place Tuesday, April 2.
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If you are interested in joining the Partners For Kids provider network or you would like to refer a patient for care coordination services get in touch with us.

Partners For Kids Care Coordination Webinar Series

Three different webinars on: -Care Coordination Overview -Care Coordination Technology and Tools -Care Coordination Program Evaluation NOTE: You will be asked to register to view the presentations.