About Us

Partners For Kids is a physician-hospital organization affiliated with Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Partners For Kids contracts with the Medicaid managed care plans in 34 counties in the central and southeast Medicaid regions for approximately 325,000 children. We provide support for practices that see a significant number of children in the Partners For Kids population.

Since its founding in 1994, Partners For Kids has proven that it can provide high-quality care at a lower cost. Partners For Kids rewards physicians for preventing illness and for good health outcomes, not for large numbers of visits or procedures.

With the lower cost for care that this model achieves, Partners For Kids and Nationwide Children’s are able to reinvest in programs that lead to long-term health for children, such as school-based wellness clinics, asthma programs and more.


Improving the health of children through high value, innovative care and community partnerships.


patients to date helped through Care Coordination

Recipient of the Health Care Innovation Award from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

Named one of Becker’s Hospital Review’s “100 ACOs to Know 2016

Advisor to national healthcare organizations on achieving better quality and satisfaction at lower costs


A system of care that promotes best outcomes in child health.