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May 5, 2023
Partners For Kids May Provider Portal Updates

The Partners For Kids provider portal will have updates pushed out on May 24. Below are the updates your practice can look forward to seeing!

May Provider Portal Updates:

  • With the addition of the new PIP measure for Lead Screening in Children (LSC), Partners For Kids has added a brand new patient list for LSC.
    • All children should receive a lead screening by the age of 2. Compliance measures, and the Partners For Kids incentive program, are based on patients receiving a screening prior to their second birthday. The Ohio Department of Health recommends a lead screening be performed on children up to age 6 if a test has not be completed. Therefore, this patient list has LSC information for Partners For Kids members ages 0-6. A lead screening is identified in claims from the CPT Code 83655.


  • Patient list buttons have been reformatted, and alphabetized.


  • Member Name will now be “last name, first name” format.