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Partners For Kids offers a variety of resources to help practices stay atop of best practices through prescribing guidelines, publications and insurance information.
2024 Partners For Kids Behavioral Health Education Course Offerings
Check out the monthly Behavioral Health Training Course Offerings for 2024.
Care Navigation for Providers Using CareLink
Instruction on how to order a referral, identify patients enrolled in Care Navigation and review the Care Navigation Care Plan in CareLink.
Care Navigation Rights and Responsibilities
Rights and Responsibilities for patients enrolled within the PFK Care Navigation program.
Nationwide Children’s CareLink is a free, web-based application available to community providers. It offers external physicians and support staff read-only access to patient electronic medical records in real-time.
Care Coordination Participation in Patient Visits FAQ
FAQ about Care Coordination role in patient visits and how this participation plays an active and impactful role in positive patient outcomes.
Care Navigation
Learn more about what Care navigation is, the children that our Care Navigation team serves and how you may refer a child for Care Navigation Services.